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Many of you might recall that about three months ago as my family and I transitioned to Georgia from North Carolina, I wrote a post here on The Scenic Route about finding a street to live on with a pretty name. Since that post, we found and moved into a house that feels like home to us. The street name is pretty enough. It doesn’t wow me but I like it just fine.

However, in our quest to find our new home, we looked at many houses in this neighborhood. I was secretly giddy early on in our search when we found a few houses for sale on a street named Scenic Drive. Lord…Scenic Drive?! That’s perfect!

It turns out we didn’t pick a house on that street. We picked one a few blocks away.

My run the other day took me down Scenic Drive and it prompted this thought: Lord, we don’t always live on scenic drive…but we can choose to run to scenic drive.

What I mean by that is, sometimes, circumstances and seasons in our lives are less than ideal. Sometimes, they downright stink. Yet, we have the power to choose which way we run.

Will we to choose to dig in our heels and resist?
Will we choose to run in the opposite direction?


Will we choose to keep running towards the unending sunrise?
Will we choose to keep running towards the beauty down the road and just over the horizon?

Scenic Drive seemed like the perfect street to live on given my tendency to love all things scenic.  But, I am thankful for the reminder that God allows us to experience situations and seasons that aren’t perfect so that we might learn to run to the ONE who is.

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