Last night I had a dream I was blogging. The only thing I remember was that I was attempting to arrange hundreds of pictures of seashells on my post for that particular day. I published my post and when I viewed the post my seashell pictures seemed too small so I edited my post and published my post again.

Then, I noticed the pictures of my seashells seemed slightly too big. I edited again and published again. Then, I looked at my post and the way I had chosen to arrange the pictures of my seashells didn’t seem quite right. Maybe… I need to move that one there and this one here? What about this area? Does this area have enough color? I need more color over here. Hmmm.

My dream was fun in frustrating kind of way. Kind of like writing. Never perfect, it always seems to be a work in progress. I always seem to be going back and changing things.

I was thinking about how our Creator does the same to us. He is constantly editing and changing us too. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and yet God doesn’t stop there. He continues to mold us and to shape us. He continues to work on us. I wonder if the process of editing us is fun for Him, in a frustrating sort of way. I wonder if sometimes He looks at us and thinks, she would fit so much better over here. I will move her over there. But, unlike my seashells that I can cut and paste where I think they would look best, God is sometimes met with resistance. We sometimes have no intention on moving where He wants us to move.

When I create things and attempt to arrange those things where they fit best, I do it mostly by trial and error. God doesn’t use the trial and error method…He knows exactly where we need to be.

So today, I don’t want to be the stubborn seashell that is stuck on the wrong side of the page. I want to be willing to move wherever God knows I need to be.

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