Settling…instead of being set free

Been thinking about Luke 4: 14-30 this morning. We looked at these chapters last Sunday in church and then again in our small groups.

Here’s something that keeps standing out to me about Jesus and the words that he shared with his home “base”.

He didn’t seem to give a hoot whether his hometown accepted him or not. Sharing truth was more important to him.

And the truth was, he didn’t have favorites. Never once in his speech to his hometown did he say “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Never once did he say that because you all are my people and where I am from then you will receive preferential treatment from me.

In fact, he shared a story with them that reflected the complete opposite.

And his hometown was so offended and enraged by his words that they tried to kill him. They don’t say it out loud but the fact that Jesus was sharing how he was just as concerned (and I would even argue more concerned) with the “other” and wasn’t willing to give preferential healing or compassion to his own people was not a perspective that sat well in this audience.

Jesus…that’s not how to win friends and influence people!  Tell us, instead, what our itching ears want to hear! 

It’s so fascinating to me how “human” this crowd is. In the first 9 verses the crowd loved him and were “amazed by his gracious words.” Yet, 8 verses later, they were ready to kill him. His words cut at their selfish and proud hearts and instead of a desire to understand they just wanted to shut him up.

Settling…instead of being set free.

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