Share A Song Monday…wings, freedom & light

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day, everyone! Welcome to Share A Song Monday. The song I picked to share today comes with a little background story.

The song below popped into my brain late last week as I pondered the idea of freedom. I listened to it on iTunes and filed it away as a possible song to share with you all.

Then, on Friday, I wrote a post about resting in the Lord and how I love the image of resting under His wings.

On Sunday, can you guess what one of the songs was that we sung at church? 🙂 And later in the service, these verses were displayed up on the screen.

God’s love is meteoric,

his loyalty astronomic,

His purpose titanic,

his verdicts oceanic.

Yet in his largeness

nothing gets lost;

Not a man, not a mouse,

slips through the cracks.

How exquisite your love, O God!

How eager we are to run under your wings, (emphasis mine)

To eat our fill at the banquet you spread

as you fill our tankards with Eden spring water.

You’re a fountain of cascading light,

and you open our eyes to light. (emphasis mine)

(Psalm 36: 5-9 Message)

“Marvelous Light” by Charlie Hall is my song for today!

Now, it’s your turn! In the comments section of this post, leave a link to a song you have been enjoying lately. If you have a story for why the song is special, please share, I would love to hear it. My reasoning behind sharing songs here is similar to the Give A Penny Take A Penny concept. You leave a song…and someone else comes along and picks it up. It might be one small treasure that makes another heart dance today.


5 thoughts on “Share A Song Monday…wings, freedom & light

  1. Kelli

    I love the song Eileen! I love the picture of the duck and duckling. What a beautiful picture of how we should be with God, sheltered under his wing. Great post Friday too!;) "my inheritance" by Travis Cotrell is still a favorite of mine. It keeps my eyes fixed on the hope that is still to come!

  2. Heidi

    Great song! I hadn't heard that one 🙂 I have to confess I couldn't wait for "Share a Song" Monday today because last week someone post a song by Misty Edwards and I had never heard of her either, but wow! I thought, Eileen has probably heard of her, but just in case I need to share 🙂 Love this one, called "You Won't Relent"…

  3. Eileen

    Amy, well, if you have to have a song stuck in your head for a few weeks…that's a good one!

    Heidi, that is a new one for me! Thanks for sharing it, loved it!


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