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Today, I am thrilled honored…okay, I am thrilled AND honored to be guest posting for Tor Constantino at The Daily Retort. I discovered Tor’s blog via Twitter about a year ago. I hope you will head over to his online home and take a few minutes to check out his site. I love reading his posts. They are thought-provoking, informative, and often mixed with a good dose of funny.

Lately, my son has been learning a few of the hard truths about people and relationships. Here is one he learned a few months ago:

People often drift apart when their interests change.

Sometimes this is unavoidable and natural. We tend to spend our time with those we have the most in common. As we grow older, this still happens. Singles hang with singles, married folks hang with other married folks, and couples with kids migrate towards other couples with kids. It just happens.

Yet the other lesson my son is currently learning is one a little more painful to swallow:



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