Simple Leadership?

“The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” – Seth Godin

I read this quote last night.  I have to say, I never thought of putting the words leadership and simple in the same sentence.  🙂  And yet, the steps that follow have a way of striking that “could it really be that easy” match down in my soul.

“Do what you believe in.
Paint a picture of the future.
Go there.
People will follow.”

Do what you believe in   A few weeks ago, I heard a message at church that has been on my heart ever since.  It even triggered this blog post about pursuing strangers.  One of the reminders from the message is that if we desire to achieve lasting change then belief and good intentions are not enough.  The most important ingredient is the actions that stem from our beliefDO what you believe, live the conviction out, model the behavior. As I thought more about this, I realized how much this one step of putting actions behind convictions was really the catalyst to transformation in my own story, a journey that led from bondage to freedom.  Many years ago I got to a point in my own story when I began doing what I said I believed (not just lip service) in hopes that it would lead to healing. I began to live as if God truly was bigger than my addiction.  I began to trust that He could, indeed, free me. The choices I started making and the actions I started taking positioned me right where I needed to be for a BIG God to blow me away with His goodness, His love and His healing!

Paint a picture of the future:  The best leader we can model when it comes to getting to where we desire to be is Jesus, he’s the Artist of all Artists!  In my own story, Jesus, through Scripture, painted a picture for me of what freedom and peace in Him would look like.  He painted a picture of wide-open spaces where I had plenty of room to live and move and breathe. He planted the hope of what could be in my heart; He invited me to taste and see. His brush painted a picture of unending love, never-ending grace and forever acceptance and accessibility.

I’ve had a burden on my heart lately about the true meaning of hospitality. As I shared in the post I noted above the biblical meaning of hospitality is “the love of strangers and immigrants.”  It’s not just a friendly handshake or a warm smile. Biblical hospitality exceeds our expectations and surprises and, sometimes, even shocks us.  It’s the Samaritan who tended to the wounds of a total stranger. It’s Jesus engaging a lady at the well or having dinner with tax collectors and sinners.  It’s all the times in scripture we see Jesus going above and beyond the call of duty.  He takes our nice idea of hospitality and blows it out of the water every single time.  Water isn’t simply turned into wine…it’s the finest wine that’s ever passed through your lips.  Hungry crowds not only have their fill and our satisfied but there are leftovers too!

Go there:  Jesus went there. He showed us how. He modeled the way for us.

“Jesus’ hospitality was more about the opening of one’s heart than the opening of one’s home. He had no home of his own, but many found their home in him….And this welcoming of the stranger begins by recognizing that God in Christ welcomes us (total strangers) into the life and home of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Rich Villodas

People will follow:   It was Jesus’ radical hospitality that made him so inviting to the outsider.  It was his heart for others that constantly communicated this to the stranger…

  • No matter what you’ve done.. you are welcome here and I will personally seek you out in order to be with you.
  • You belong here and, not only that, I’ve saved a seat for you!
  • I do not condemn you for your past or the rumors of your reputation.  I love you and want to walk alongside you.
  • I will go (and already have gone) to whatever lengths necessary to show you how much I love you and want to be with you.


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