Simple Pleasures

Checked out this site this morning and it made me smile 1000 Awesome Things.

I love little things in life that are truly cool but we often take for granted. Here’s a few of my favorite things this week:

Picking my seven year old son up from school and hearing him in the backseat start laughing to himself because he is thinking of something amusing that happened that day. I catch his little face in the rearview mirror and he is wearing the silliest little grin.

Listening to my dog snore and watching her little legs twitch as she sleeps.

Going to the coffee machine and seeing that there is just enough in there to make one more cup of coffee

Listening to my son pray

Going to the doctor and being told by the receptionist that the doctor is running behind and it might be a little bit of a wait…5 minutes later they call my name. 🙂

Watching America’s Funniest Videos with a seven year old

The chocolate bar my husband picked up for me when he stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work

Friends that make you laugh when you just might not feel like laughing

Caller ID and knowing that if it is displaying some sort of funky area code there is no need for me to answer it

Eating a bowl of Top Ramen Cup o’ Soup with my son (I don’t care how old you are those long noodles are fun!)

2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. StLphotogirl

    I definitely agree with the chocolate bar. I also hope to experience the joys of having a child to laught with.


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