Something I REALLY love…

If you’ve followed The Scenic Route for any length of time, you might notice that I often choose pictures of water to compliment whatever my post might be about.

I love water.

I grew up in the desert surrounded by mountains. I will always love mountains, but there is just something about water that is so soothing. When I was relocating to North Carolina nine years ago, my new job gave me the luxury of living anywhere in the state. The question became, should I move to the western side of the state to be near mountains or to the eastern side of the state to be near water? I only had a couple of weeks to make my decision.

Everyone I knew that knew anything at all about North Carolina suggested Asheville. Asheville is an incredibly beautiful mountainous town in the western side of the state. I looked the area up online and decided this would be my first stop. I also started looking at other towns that were near the coast. The name of one town caught my eye…Elizabeth City. I remember thinking, what a nice name for a town.

I started my long drive across the country from Arizona. It was mid-April. When I came to the mountains in North Carolina…it was snowing. It was mid-April… and it was snowing. I am chronically cold. Year round, I keep a blanket on my couch in order to stay warm at night. I could not bring myself to even slow down when I came to Asheville. Sorry, Asheville, I guess I will just have to be content visiting your mountains.

Elizabeth City. As I continued my drive across the state, the name of this little town was beginning to sound nicer and nicer.

I ended up renting a home in Elizabeth City. I loved being able to take my two dogs for a walk everyday by the river. One year later, I found a house to buy just south of Elizabeth City.

A house with a view of the water.

I love water.

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