Sometimes I Choose the Wrong Weapon


What Do I Know of Holy? by Addison Road began playing while out on my run yesterday morning.  It’s one of those songs where I’m certain the artist sneaked inside my head and heart one day and yanked out how I was feeling and then molded those feelings into beautiful words.  There’s something about this song that brings me back.  It opens my eyes again to my smallness and His greatness, to my lack of understanding and to His infinite wisdom.

I need this reminder all the time.  I need this reminder that faith isn’t always what I try to make it into.  It’s more beautiful and more precious than my little mind can fathom.  Maybe, as humans, we all try to do this at times. We desire simple and concrete explanations and, in our pursuit of that, we put God in this nice tidy box in hopes of having it all figured out. And, even though we know that life with Christ is not a set of rules to follow or a list of tasks to check off, we still have a tendency to deduce it to that. We forget that we are part of the greatest love story ever told. We forget that our Rescuer came back for us. In our efforts to fix things or to make things right, we forget the most important ingredient: Love.

The Missing Ingredient

At church last Sunday, I was reminded of this again.  When there are gaps in our relationships, we resist filling those gaps with the one thing that was designed to close the gap…love.  And Jesus is our example to follow. There was a gap between us and God and He didn’t choose to try to close that gap by coming back to earth to condemn us or to shame us into submission.  Rather, He came back and filled that gap with the ultimate example of love:  Himself.

This week, I’ve found myself whispering those words a lot...fill in the gaps with love. When we find ourselves in the middle of less than ideal situations, it’s often our tendency to fight back by withholding love.  We blame, we make excuses, and we hold onto our resentments and our bitterness. They become our weapons of choice.  But, what if, we chose to fight back with love?  What if love was our weapon of choice today?

“Don’t save up love like you are trying to retire on it; give it away like you’re made of the stuff.” Bob Goff

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Choose the Wrong Weapon

  1. TC Avey

    Great post, love the quote by Goff.

    Your post reminds me of something playing in my heart lately. Paul told the Corinthians that he endeavored to know only Christ and Him crucified. I think we make things more complicated than what they are.
    It’s Jesus. His love. His grace. Him crucified and now living. We don’t need to add to or take away from His story of love. Just Jesus, nothing more.

    1 Cor 2:2

    1. Eileen Post author

      Love your comment TC. Yes, we do tend to make it more complicated than it needs to be. “Just Jesus, nothing more.” Love that.


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