Space to Dance

Road to Little Petra

I woke up this morning and another song was playing on repeat in my heart. This time, I could only hear the melody and couldn’t hear the words. Last year, I wrote about another time this happened. You can read about it HERE.

This morning when I woke up, my mind was racing in 100 different directions and the song was more like elevator music as my brain churned about the day and tasks in front of me. I started the coffee, took my dogs out to potty, and then sat down on the couch for my quiet time. It wasn’t until that moment when I realized this background music had been playing the entire time and I hadn’t even noticed.

My loud, busy, frantic thoughts had drowned out the beauty.

What is that song, Lord?  I sat quietly and listened as the melody played. I waited for some of the words to come back to me. And little by little, they did.

Jesus has overcome

fall on my knees

And suddenly, my rushing mind ceased and beauty found space to dance.

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