Starting Over and Helping Others

I had the pleasure of attending the START Conference last weekend put on by Jon Acuff.  If you’ve never heard of it, you can check out the details HERE.  The short definition of START:  It’s about moving forward and pursuing your dreams.

It’s about punching fears in the face.


It’s about moving from average to awesome.


Since moving to Georgia at the end of May, I feel like a big portion of my life is in starting over mode. So much of what I’m passionate about is based around community.  When you move 700 miles away from community, 12 years in the making, it’s hard to start over.

One of my reasons for going to The Start Conference was to get a firmer grip and direction on how/where to start when you have to start over. Starting over is by no means a new place for me. I’ve been there many times in my life.  But each starting over season comes with a new set of challenges, fears and questions.

One of my favorite quotes from last weekend really helped to remind me of what I hope my goal in life will be every single day…

“Always more fun to help change someone elses life than obsessing about your own.”

It reminded me that being committed to something bigger than me is where I find the most joy and satisfaction in life.

Do I know yet where this new season of starting over will lead?  Nope

Do I know exactly how starting over is going to play itself out in my new community?  Nope

But, I have taken some START steps.  I found a new church.  I found a new small group.  I joined the greeter team.


While standing in the lunch line at the Start Conference, I met Carol.  Carol is part of a community known as WhoIRun4

While I’ve seen this concept before, I had never encountered it personally.  The idea is simple: people who love to run are matched with people who can’t run.  A friendship is formed and the runner runs in honor of their new friend. As I explained the whole concept to my husband upon returning from the conference, I broke down in tears.  I think it’s a beautiful idea.

Yesterday, after returning from a beautiful 4 mile run, I clicked on the IRun4 website and started a new adventure!

This morning I was thinking about why the concept of this ministry has touched me so deeply.  I know it has a lot to do with my dad who lost his ability to walk due to a stroke he had over a year ago.

Being able to run (and walk) is a gift I never want to take for granted. And, if I can bring a smile to another person’s face while doing something I love doing…that’s just icing on the cupcake!


11 thoughts on “Starting Over and Helping Others

  1. Rick Dawson

    Happy to see the threat has been neutralized – I got the message from my anti-virus program (AVG) that you had Blackhat SEO – and I could not see this post save through my RSS feed. Now, back to the post itself… 🙂

    “Always more fun to help change someone elses life than obsessing about your own.”

    Yep – we get better when we take the focus off of ourselves, Good stuff that we don’t always remember in a timely fashion. 🙂

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