Stop Recycling

Note:   I apologize in advance for the subject matter of this particular post.

As a dog eats its own vomit, so fools recycle silliness. Pr 26:11 Message

I read this verse this morning and thought of my dog, Idaho.  She passed away a few years ago.  And, like the verse says, she did on occasion eat her own vomit.  However, the first thought that popped into my mind was her tendency to eat something else.  Let’s just say that when she would go number #2 she had this disgusting habit of “recycling” .

Some times I would glance out my living room window at the exact moment she was making the decision to do this.  She knew how much I hated this hobby of hers, and she would often approach the pile of poo in a rather sheepish manner.  As soon as her mouth would get close to it, I would knock on the window and yell, “Idaho, NO!”

The sound of my voice would make her jump and then she would slink away… upset that her poo recycling plan had been thwarted.

If Idaho could have talked, I’m sure she was mumbling something like…”and I would I have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for my meddling Person.”

As I remembered this nasty practice my dog had, I started thinking about how God might view our repeated stupidity.  We have this tendency to go back and repeat habits we know are wrong all the time.  And God is standing there knocking on the window of our heart,  “No, stop doing that!”   Yet, just like my dog, His tapping and His voice only briefly detour us.  My dog will try again another day…and we try again too.


Because nothing on the inside has changed.  Our insides still have this desire to eat s**t.

Authentic and lasting change in our lives only occurs when we hear His tapping and His voice and decide not to slink away.  We choose to open the window and allow God to come into out hearts and replace our poo eating desires with His desires.And, this request is not a one time deal.

We learn to ask him for this desire every single day.  “Lord, make Your desires for me my desires too.”

Because, you never know when you will come across another pile of poo. We need His constant and ongoing assistance in order to choose something better.  I guarantee you, if you are willing to search for it with all your heart…there’s a tasty bone buried in that yard.






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