Stretch Marks

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Don’t go down that stretch of road.

Sometimes I think about the future roads my son will have to choose between.  I want so much to protect him.  I want him to listen to me and consider my warning.

That road is dangerous.  That road causes grief.  Don’t step foot on it. 

And yet, I know, the choice will need to be his.  I know that, sometimes, it’s the wrong turns and the detours that have a way of leading us back to the right road.

We return.

Our footsteps more confident.  Our hearts more certain. Our faith more solid.

I want to spare my son the pain of difficult paths.  But then I remember that it’s difficult paths that stretch and grow us most.  I remember that God has a way of redeeming each wrong turn, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.

18 thoughts on “Stretch Marks

  1. Romi

    Hi. Your article is full of motherly love.
    I like the last sentence very much. The words “stretch” and “outstretched” sound harmonious together.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Jon Stolpe

    Great theme for today’s post! Stretching can sometimes strain us, but it always has a benefit that far outlasts the pain of the strain. (The Stretched Blogger)

  3. Shelly Miller

    Oh, how I know this one. It’s the deepest kind of pain, seeing your child learn from wrong choices. But the gift is in the way it molds them, how we watch the clay of their heart turn into the shape He wants it to be. Lovely thoughts today Eileen.

  4. Denise Dilley

    My mom tried her best to keep me from the wide road of inevitable pain and sorrow, but I did not always heed her warnings. Yet I have no regrets because the difficult paths taught me lessons I may never have learned. Thankfully, He is forever redeeming my life, exchanging ashes for beauty at every turn.

  5. Barbie

    Every time I’ve had to let go of my child(ren), I thought my heart would stretch so much it would burst. Enjoyed my visit here from the 5MF!

  6. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – wow, great 5 minutes. Such an awesome reminder that all we go through, the decisions we make and the impact of those decisions, they all grow us, stretch. Lovely
    God bless

  7. Tracy

    Loved this, for reasons the other commenters have mentioned, but I especially love this post because of the last sentence. Reminds me of Isaiah 41:10. This is my mothers life verse…she and I are learning a lot about stretching right now…blessings Eileen

  8. Betty Draper

    Good post. Our children never get too old for us mothers to fear the stretching will make them snap in the wrong direction. I have a picture on my wall of Moses mother putting him in the reed basket into the nile. It’s a visal that helps me remember to pray and give him over to the Lord. Blessings


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