Stylish Blogger Award

Well, the other day I received a Stylish Blogger Award from the sweet ladies Heidi and Kelli over at Mothers On Mission. Thank you ladies. I feel so blessed that you both are a part of my life! If you haven’t already, please check out their stylish blog.

As a recipient of this award I am asked to share 7 things about me that you may or may not know. So here goes.

#1 The first random thing has to do with fashion. Confession time: when I saw the name on the award I received, I had to laugh. Stylish? Me? I have never been very stylish at least when it comes to fashion. I typically catch the newest fashion wave (if I ever catch it) just about the time it is headed back out to sea!

#2 Which leads me to my next random thing. I might be one of the few ladies on earth who does not like to shop. “Shop til you drop” sounds like punishment to me. But sometimes I will tag along with friends just so I can talk and hang out with them. They shop and I am willing to hold the bags…kinda like a second husband. 🙂

#3 I have an odd way of heating things up in the microwave. I will always punch in weird numbers. For instance, to heat my son’s pancakes I punch in 1:28. To heat a cup of water for tea I punch in 2:22. Nothing is ever exactly on the minute. My husband questioned this bizarre technique the other morning and all I could say is “I don’t know. That’s just how I do it.”

#4 I was born in Cape Canaveral, FL but only lived there 4 years before my family moved to southern Arizona where I live until my early 20’s

#5 I now reside in northeast North Carolina with my husband who I met here about 10 years ago. After a failed first marriage, I remember telling God that I didn’t want to search for a husband I just wanted Him to bring someone into my life whenever and if ever the time was right. I remember telling a good friend that I just wanted God to drop the right person into my lap! Turns out a few months later, I get a random email from the drummer at the church I attend. We’ve been married a little over 8 years.

#6 We have one adorable little boy who is 7 years old and seems to get cuter every day.

#7 My name “Eileen” was my mom’s middle name. It means light. When I was in high school my mom used to like packing little notes for me to find. One time when I was away on a high school trip I remember finding a sticky note from my mom hidden in my luggage. It read:

Remember to be salt and light.

My mom passed away a couple years later. I think about that note sometimes and the journey the Lord has allowed me to take so far. I am so incredibly thankful for His grace in my life! And yes, I want to remember to be salt and light!

In addition to sharing these random facts, I get the pleasure of passing this award on to others. Now, I just want to say that Heidi and Kelli stole several of the ones I would have given this award to. I don’t think that was very nice ladies! 😉 But, I do have a couple more to hand out.

Sam at Fields of Gold love her heart and her wisdom.

Kandi at Get out of the Boat. Some blogs catch my attention because of their name. It takes courage and faith to get out of the boat.

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