Surface Scratching and Glimpses

I spent some time in Acts 3 again this morning reading about the lame beggar at the Beautiful Gate. This account is one that has always had a way of touching my heart in such a personal way. I’ve written about it many times.

His story collides with our stories. This beautiful collision results in healing beyond belief.

He doesn’t give us what we think we need; He gives us what we truly need.

He doesn’t give us what we expect; His gift far exceeds our expectations.

Each time I read through the first few verses of Acts 3,  I get this feeling that I’ve only scratched the surface.  I feel like the lessons, the depth of love, and all the good waiting to be discovered goes so far beyond what my mind has the ability to comprehend. I get this same feeling whenever I read the word glory too…like my heart has only managed to catch a small glimpse of all the beauty and goodness.

I wonder if that feeling we get of only scratching the surface and only seeing glimpses is all part of God’s beautiful design?  Surface scratches and glimpses create an ache inside us for more.  We uncover a sliver of treasure and this sliver creates a hunger…so we keep coming back, we keep digging, we keep seeking.

If we aren’t hungry, then we stop searching for food.

Lord, thank you for the surface scratches and the glimpses.  Keep us hungry for more. 



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