Tasty Passengers

I was noticing this morning how some foods have become excellent transporter vehicles. Some foods seem to exist predominantly for the purpose of carrying another food from our plate to our mouth.

I have lots of food vehicles. Biscuits make great vehicles for butter…especially warm biscuits when the butter seems to instinctively make itself at home…like old friends who have been on this road trip countless times before. The butter quickly settles in, becomes one with its vehicle and doesn’t resist the short ride from plate to mouth.

When I eat soy sauce with my sushi, soy sauce becomes another convenient vehicle. Wasabi is its passenger. Unlike butter on a biscuit, wasabi and soy sauce need to get to know each other before they feel comfortable together. Like a hitchhiker catching a ride with a stranger, wasabi needs a little help feeling at ease in its vehicle. It doesn’t come naturally for wasabi. With a little help and guidance from me…the human GPS system, I help wasabi to trust its vehicle. Once the trust is built, wasabi puts its feet up on the dashboard and enjoys the ride.

Chips are another efficient and dependable transporter. Chips are more like surfboards. Its passengers range from things like sour cream and onion dip, guacamole or nacho cheese- content to catch the wave from sea to beach.

For my son, a pancake is his food vehicle of choice. Syrup is the passenger. Every single trip from plate to mouth carries this gooey goodness. Syrup, like butter but even more so, makes itself at home. Syrup is an uninhibited, stick-your-head-out-the-sunroof kinda traveler, quite content with any destination…lips, chin, table, chair and even mouth. A carefree traveler simply along for the ride.

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