The Beautiful Land of “Perhaps”

“He displayed His glory and His disciples believed in Him.” John 2:11(b)

I think this is a profound statement to ponder.  It comes right after the famous account of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

The disciples chose to follow Jesus before they fully believed.

The displaying of glory came after their decision to follow.  The decision, the willingness…to drop their nets and do life with Him…came first.

Faith became sight while on the journey.


Last night, I read this thought-provoking quote from 20th century theologian, Vance Havner, right before falling asleep. It came to mind again this morning after reading the verse about the disciples believing after God’s glory was displayed.

“I came as a child in simple trust. I did not understand all about the plan of salvation. I do not understand all about electricity, but I don’t intend to sit in the dark until I do.”  ~Vance Havner


Last week I shared this thought on Twitter about the faith journey:

Be willing to give Him the benefit of the doubt. “Perhaps” is a life changing, faith growing posture. God shows us His glory here.

Dear Lord, give us the courage to commit to following you today.  We don’t want to miss any water to wine adventures you have waiting for us. Blow us away in the land of “perhaps”. Display Your glory there!

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