The Beauty Beyond the Dark

Today, my family and I visited Rock City and Ruby Falls, a breathtaking area on the Georgia and Tennessee border. We had a great time touring both attractions.

As we waited our turn in line to make the trip down to see the waterfall, a trip which would take us 1100 feet deep within Lookout Mountain, I read the following words from the man who first discovered the beauty hidden away in the mountain. I’ve written his words out below too:

2013-06-29 13.15.25

Discovering Ruby Falls was like discovering God. At first, it is very dark, scary, and uncertain. You don’t know what lies ahead.

You bump into things you didn’t even realize were there and you suffer injuries, bumps, and bruises. You fall down in sticky mud and mire and feel like you cannot go on. But you get up with a feeling that somewhere ahead lies something more wonderful than you can ever imagine.

As you add light to what you discovered, you find that the things that caused you suffering and injury were wonderful God made things put there for you to witness and give you joy. It is all more than you ever imagined you could witness. It is God, and Ruby Falls and the Lookout Mountain Cave are God’s creations, made for man to enjoy.

I am just a little proud that He used me.

~Leo Lambert, December 30, 1928

2013-06-29 14.30.59


5 thoughts on “The Beauty Beyond the Dark

  1. LarryTheDeuce

    I have never been to Ruby Falls, but I have been to Rock City a couple of times. I love Rock City barns, which there are fewer and fewer of now days. You really need to try som Sticky Fingers barbecue some time.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Larry, we really enjoyed Rock City too! And, my husband, who grew up in this area, told me all about the barns. Pretty cool. I really DO need to try some Sticky Fingers. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Donya

    Wow. I haven’t seen a picture of this even though I’ve driven past the advertisements for it many times. So beautiful. And just thinking that it was there for so many years, just giving glory to God, without anyone else to see it and praise its beauty. I love that.


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