The Beauty of Unfamiliar Paths

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 For the last year, I’ve been enjoying the new and the different each season has brought along.  As much as I loved the comfortable and familiar feeling of living in North Carolina for 12 years, it’s been neat being some place different for the last eleven months. I’ve loved all the fresh scenes and new experiences.

Last summer, I shared with you all the impressive (yet rather annoying) ladybug convention that convened inside and outside my house.  We also took some fun day trips to places just a few minutes away from our house; Cloudland Canyon, Lake Winnipesaukee , Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain were some of our favorite outings.

Last fall, we enjoyed the changing colors in this area, we took the opportunity to drive up the road to Gatlinburg to see the Smoky Mountains. We also discovered a beautiful place to run and bike just minutes from our house at the Chickamauga Battlefield. On Halloween, we enjoyed living in an actual neighborhood where we could step outside our front door and go trick or treating.  We even had kids show up at our door, something that never happened in our previous neighborhood.

In winter, we enjoyed our first snowfall in Georgia,  My ten-year old son experienced sledding for the first time, an activity we could never do on the flat terrain in Northeast North Carolina.  I even shared with you all my winter joy of woman making fire!

This Spring, I’ve been loving the trees.  The colors in our neighborhood are beautiful shades of reds, pinks, purples and whites.  I even remarked to my husband again last night as we drove down the hill and out of our neighborhood, “It’s just so different from North Carolina.”

We’ve been here almost a year now and part of me can’t believe that.  So much has happened in a year.  As I sat here reminiscing again this morning, I tried not to be a little sad that our first four seasons in Georgia will be coming to an end soon. There’s a “new” we will never experience again.  Sure, we will still have new experiences, but it will be a little different from last year. The new will have a much more “lived in” feel to it all.  Not sure why that’s bittersweet to me…but it is.

I like comfortable and familiar.  I always have. But this year, reminded me of the beauty you can only discover by walking down unknown paths.

Guess this means it’s time to search for more paths to explore!

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