The Big in Our Small


It’s the end of May and we’re nearing the halfway point in the year.  This morning I took some time to think about my One Word for the year.  The word I’ve been focusing on for 2015 is “small.”

The first small update in my life would be this little guy curled up next to me as I write this post.  Jax was our neighborhood stray for over six weeks. Multiple neighbors took it upon themselves to make sure Jax didn’t get hit by a car. He had an owner, but because of his hectic work schedule the owner was never home to care for Jax. Every single day someone from the neighborhood would find Jax roaming the streets and every single day we would take him back to his house. But sometimes, within just a few short hours, Jax would be out on the street again.

Each time I’d go out for my run, Jax would find me and follow me home.  Each time he did, I would deliver him back to his house. I did this on many occasions, until one day, I recalled the definition of insanity…”doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  On that day, I held onto Jax and decided to wait until I was able to talk to the owner directly.  I told the owner our fear of Jax getting hit by a car. He shared with me that there was no way he could keep Jax inside his house. He said he knew Jax should be an inside dog (and used to be) but there was no way to keep him locked inside for all the time he was away during the day.  He told me he would try to figure out a plan. I gave the owner my phone number. I told him where I lived.  It’s been over a month now and he has never once reached out to me or inquired about Jax.

Though unexpected and unplanned, this small bundle of joy has entered our life. Jax is a beautiful, energetic, and welcomed new addition to our little family.


My second small update has me thinking about some words I shared with you all back when this journey first started in January.

My trail isn’t a major highway. It might never be a major highway. But when I keep my eyes focused on the reason behind the journey then I am more than okay with this. This journey is for Him. Every step and every direction should glorify Him. More than anything, I desire to follow along the paths that He calls me down.

Occasionally, I even have this thought: Maybe all the little roads are in fact the big roads. Major highways in disguise. I just can’t fully comprehend it from my human perspective.

The more I travel the little streets God tends to take me down, the more I appreciate them. He reminds me over and over that the most beautiful and life changing attractions aren’t on the major roads, they are tucked away off the beaten path. I don’t want to miss all the heart touching scenery God is showing me along the way.

He knows a truth that I sometimes have hard time remembering. Popular, fast-moving, interstates have a way of bypassing many of the joy-filled lessons.

I need the small because I need the lessons.


I recently said “yes” to a part-time assistant position at my church.  In many ways this direction is big. It will require adjustments in my weekly schedule. It will require me to learn new things. I have no doubt that this new chapter will stretch and grow me. Yet as I read through the mission and vision statements of my church, I realized how this step, this decision, really is just a small piece of a bigger puzzle…

I smiled as I read these words.

“We see ourselves as a small part of a God-glorifying movement to make disciples of all nations.”   

“Small things matter. Don’t forget the key.”

Small intentional steps placed in the hands of a Big God cease to be small. 

I think of David, the small shepherd boy, bravely standing up to a giant with his slingshot and his five stones. “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty” -1 Samuel 17:45

I think of what an all-powerful God can accomplish with just a tiny mustard seed of faith. -Matthew 17:20

I think of Moses when he tells God “if Your presence doesn’t go with us, then don’t send us” Which translates into… God, if BIG YOU doesn’t go with SMALL US…then don’t let us move! -Exodus 33:15

Today, Lord, this is my prayer.
Be the BIG in our small.
Help us to cling to the Truth that You are infinitely bigger than anything this world throws at us.
Give us the courage to move forward with the strength You provide.
And, Lord, help us to curl up (kind of like this puppy, Jax) and rest in the safety and in the shadow of Your wings.

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