The Biggest Lesson I Learned in Recovery

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This morning I started thinking about an invaluable lesson I learned during my early days in recovery.  I started to learn (or maybe relearn) how to confront and tackle problems and stresses head on instead of ignoring them, running from them, or trying to find ways to numb myself from them.

Basically, I learned that if there’s an elephant standing in the room, you point it out and talk about it. You don’t try to do the impossible such as denying its existence or picking up the biggest broom you can find in hopes of sweeping the problem out of sight.

Learning how to approach problems has made my life so much easier to live.  It has brought with it incredible amounts of freedom. I can sleep at night because I’m not attempting to run or hide from life. By learning to live this way, I’ve also realized that many of the so-called problems that arise are not as unmanageable or as scary as I first made them out to be in my mind. I tend to be able to visualize the worst case scenarios. However, what I’ve learned is this: the elephant shrinks when you admit it’s there and begin to deal with it.

What’s the elephant in your life right now?

Acknowledge it and begin figuring out ways to address it.

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