The Biggest Lie I Ever Believed


There are few things in life that will bring me to tears quicker than hearing stories of people feeling trapped or stuck.  No way out stories remind me of hopelessness and the ache of hopelessness always makes me cry.

The other day as I thought more about why I feel such strong emotions towards this topic, a few possible explanations came to mind.

No way out was a lie the Enemy once used to keep me from seeing and embracing Truth. Here are a few no way out lies I’ve been shackled to in the past:

  • “I’ve gone too far in the wrong direction.”
  • “It’s too late to start over.”
  •  “It’s too late to make a different choice.”
  •  “I made my bed now I have to lie in it.”
  •  “I’ll ignore the pain and it will go away.”
  • “I’ll hide behind my mask because it’s safe there.”

Those of us who have ever found ourselves living our lives trapped in a no way out cycle begin to define ourselves and our circumstances with victim mentality thoughts such as the ones I used above.

We “settle” for the way things are and believe there is no choice we can make or action we can take to change things or make things better.

No way out is a lie and the power of choice is a weapon we use to slay the lie.

Here’s a quote that kicked me in the pants years ago:

“If you think you have no choice but to do what you do now, you’ve already made a serious error.”  Seth Godin

Here’s the truth I know today:

  • God is bigger…bigger than every addiction, every crisis, every pain, every relationship….He is bigger and stronger than whatever giant we must face today. And the choice becomes this: will we choose to grab hold of this Truth with both hands and believe it?  No more excuses–just hands willing and hearts committed to grabbing on and not letting go.
  • It is never too late to begin again, to stop, or to turn around.
  • Nothing you have done or will do can ever make God love you any less.
  • God specializes in resurrecting dead and broken things.

If the voice of the Enemy is loud in your life today, I encourage you to counterattack with the voice of Truth.

Sharing this oldie today, it’s encouraged me when I’ve been tempted to listen to the wrong voice.

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