The Elevator

We had my grandma transferred up to the same nursing home as my dad this week. Her initial order of business was to make her way downstairs to visit my dad. It was her first time getting to see her son since his stroke. She sat in her wheelchair at the foot of his bed and waited for him to wake up. When he did, she had us push her closer so she could stand up next to the bed and give him a hug.

After a short visit, it was time for my dad and grandma to go upstairs to the dining room for dinner. We made our way out of the room and down the hallway.

I pushed my grandma’s chair into the oversized elevator while my brother wheeled my dad’s chair in next to hers. Then, my husband and son stepped into the elevator too. Time briefly seemed to stand still as my brain captured one of those I will never forget this scene snapshots. Grandma, son, grandchildren, son-in-law and great-grandchild…four generations on an elevator together, journeying through the ups and downs of life.

6 thoughts on “The Elevator

  1. Loretta

    Beautiful, Eileen. I am thankful your time there has these moments of treasures to store in your heart. I am sending you a hug now…

  2. Chris Mattix

    Just visualizing that brings tears to my eyes. The coming together of generations, the aging of our bodies, the young and the old, the frailty of our bodies, and the situation nobody planned on being in on that day in that moment at that place.


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