The Extra Mile Smile

The Extra Mile Just Ahead Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.Depositphotos

This morning, like I do every weekday morning, I dropped my son, Sean, off at his school. When I was making the turn back into our neighborhood a lady in a SUV was at the stop sign waiting to make her turn onto the main road.  As I rounded the corner, I smiled at the lady as I drove by her window.  Her eyes met mine and, instantly, a huge teeth-showing smile spread clear across the woman’s face.

Her response briefly caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting such an enthusiastic smile in return. It’s amazing how a moment like that can fill your heart with joy. A complete stranger smiles at me and for the briefest of moments I felt and instant connection to her.

As I continued the drive back to my house, it dawned on me why I found immense pleasure in this exchange.

She far exceeded my expectations.

She didn’t simply respond with the bare minimum, she went all out!

I think there’s a lesson tucked away in this moment for me, for us, today.

The people we interact with today…friends, strangers, coworkers, relatives…surprise them…exceed their expectations.

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