The Finish Line

Today, my husband and I participated in a 10K race. It’s only the second race I’ve ever run as an adult. My first was a 5K. I am hoping to work my way up to a 1/2 marathon by this spring. I had so much fun. The run took us by the oceanfront. I kept thinking while looking out at the water, Lord, thank you for allowing me to do something I love to do (run) while looking at something I love to look at (ocean). A double blessing!

By the time the finish line was in sight, my legs were pretty tired, but I was still able to pick up my pace to a sprint. I love sprinting the last little bit if I am able. There is just something so satisfying about finishing strong.

After the race was over, my husband and I picked up our son who had spent the night at a friend’s house. My son asked how we did and I showed him our medals. He then asked if I had gotten first, second or third place. I explained to him that, with this race, they gave a medal to everyone who crossed the finish line and not just the leaders. A runner is considered a winner because they participated, completed the course, and made it over the finish line.

It was rewarding to cross the finish line and it got me thinking about the race I participate in everyday as a believer. Some days I don’t feel much like running, my legs feel weak. Some days my heart is not entirely in it; I get distracted and I stumble.

The medal I received today reminded me that God doesn’t expect me to run this race perfectly every step of the way. When I stumble and fall, His grace encourages me to get back up and keep going. His desire is for me to keep my eyes focused on the finish line…and to receive the prize for completing the race.

When I approach the end of this life’s course, I hope to finish strong. I hope to be sprinting!

2 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. frogsview

    Congrats to you both on finishing and having a good time while you did it! Plus the medals are nice I am sure.

    From a former runner turned cardio bicycle rider, it it always refreshing to get out in God's green earth and get some exercise. I have always found it to be a great time for prayer and reflection.

    I too was out yesterday (on my bicycle) riding the country roads of Camden Co., enjoying all that I saw. Unfortunately there was also a wind out of the SW, which made for some challenging riding on part of the route!


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