The Label I Am Throwing Out

I wasn’t going to blog this week. I told you I wasn’t.  But this, apparently, had to come out. And, if I need to hear it, maybe someone else needs to hear it too.

This morning I read a great post by Keith Jennings called Resolutions, Renewal & the New Year. This resonated with me. “Maybe, just maybe, we should re-solve something specific that’s blocking us from living creatively.”

Fix the root of the problem. Experience the harvest.

And yesterday, I read this Facebook question from People of the Second Chance (POTSC).

What label are you focused on giving up in 2012?

I paused to think about what label I might still be holding onto. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t think I had one. Failure? No, that wasn’t it. I’ve watched God redeem my failures. I trust, with all my heart, that He is faithful and capable of doing something beautiful with my failures.

So what is it, Lord? Which label still haunts me?

And then it hit me. And I cried. And I cry again as I write these words…

You. Are. Insignificant.

I had no idea how strongly I was still holding onto those words until I took the time to think about it.

It’s interesting. I can tell you all the reasons why this is not true. I can point to scripture and tell you that I am loved and valued. I matter to God. Every hair on my head is counted. He knows when I lie down and when I rise. He cares about every detail of my life. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for me and would do it again if He had to.

But, this is the label that still haunts me. This is the label that secretly whispers to me…who are you to believe that what you say and what you do will make a difference?

You blend into the wallpaper. I don’t even notice you. You might as well not even try.

Insignificant. It’s amazing how labels stick with us. How they can rear their heads. Labels are like invisible school yard bullies that lurk in the shadows and wait for us. Labels make us feel weak and less than. Labels hold us back. Labels keep us stuck.

I’m done. I’m done with labels. I’m peeling it off and tossing it in the trash.

What’s standing in the way of your goals?
What lies have you been believing that are holding you back?
Will you join me in throwing them out?

I’ll provide the trash can. 




32 thoughts on “The Label I Am Throwing Out

  1. Phil D. Malmstrom

    Powerful post Eileen… Thank you for sharing this.

    If I’m honest with myself, I cling to some worldly labels as well. The most potent descriptor, and the one that Satan loves to haunt my heart with in times of stress is…


    While this probably sounds harsh, and in the depths of my spirit I know isn’t true, it’s still the one weapon that’s fired at me when my resistance is low. Business struggles, financial worries, health concerns, and the feeling of inadequacy when ministering to the needs of others all pile up and stamp this label in bright crimson ink on my forehead.

    I’m with you Eileen… I’m ready to let it leave me for good.

    Such is my prayer.

    Have a Blessed Day my friend!

  2. Keith Jennings

    Beautiful confession and challenge, Eileen! Wow!

    I battle a very similar voice. It is a very powerful voice too. For years, I thought I could “beat” it and it would go away. But it doesn’t go away.

    One of the biggest “breakthroughs” I’ve experienced in recent years is figuring out how to use the tension this voice creates to my advantage. So, if you find you can’t rid yourself of that voice that says you’re insignificant, then use it for a greater good. By exposing it in this post today, you’ve beaten it in a powerful way!

    1. Eileen Post author

      I like that, Keith. It reminds me of scripture “when we are weak then we are strong.” God has an amazing track record of using our weaknesses for His glory.

      Thanks again for your post today…it was so encouraging to me.

  3. Lisa

    Eileen, as I was reading your words I began praying about the labels that I might be clinging to, and God revealed one to me. I live with the believe that my life has no purpose, so what I do or don’t do doesn’t really matter. I’m just filling in the gaps left by other people, but I have no real purpose of my own. Wow! Thanks, Eileen! Thank you for taking the time to write this post and share from your heart. And thank you for making me take a look into my heart.

    Many blessings, my sweet friend!

  4. Caroline

    Amazing post, Eileen. Yes, I hold on too tightly to labels. Labels that have gracefully become false because of Christ’s redeeming love. Praying to drop my own labels, too.

  5. Jenifer

    Oh Eileen! I can so relate! As I read I started thinking of the labels I put on myself. Some of these labels are not even put on me by others, but simply by my own way of thinking. I pray that I am able to drop these labels and live life to the fullest as He intends. Thank you so much for this my friend.

  6. Tracy

    Hi Eileen, wow, powerful words. I am going to go and do some label searching of my own. I know I have a few. so grateful that you chose to blog today. I want to go into the new year lighter and you have given me a means to do that.
    God bless

  7. Amy Nabors

    Insignificant. I know this feeling, this label, all too well. Most days I feel like a wallflower. Unnoticed, unworthy. I need to throw this label out as well. Thanks for sharing this today. Beautiful post.

  8. Kandi


    Beautiful post Eileen, I can’t even express how I am feeling right because I can so relate. Those condemning words that we hear, that we are insignificant, we do not matter, blah blah blah are from the enemy, and not from God. We are all significant, we all matter, put here for a purpose. This will be my new years resolution.

    Blessings to you.

  9. Kelly

    This is such an awesome post. I think some labels I’d like to throw out are: unimportant, Burden, and mean (I feel that way when I fuss at my kids).

    Thank you for this.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Mean…good one. Oh, the labels we call ourselves when we fall horribly short from being the “perfect” parent Thanks, Kelly.

  10. Jorge Silvestrini


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your prayer… Just happened to cross reference your blog from Michael’s (the handwritten)… This post reminds me somehow of being hunted. I’m the prey; I’m being hunted; but somehow, from nowhere my Lord and Savior is there yet again to protect and guide me!

    I pray that I become a better leader this upcoming 2012!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Jorge. I guess because labels are often hidden or buried, we do feel like we are being hunted by them. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of their existence because we’ve lived with them for so long.

  11. Debi

    I can relate to insignificant so much. The feeling of not mattering. But as I read this I was trying to put what I feel into one or even three words And they would have to be unneeded ( used to be a boy scout leader and was always on the go) , in active, ( see above,I stay home all the time studying ) and maybe over whelmed. Today I have alot to think about. Like new words for the dear and a new phrase to claim. I will also being cleaning my desk – not sure what color it is anymore as well as my desktop on my pc under favorites. and work to prioritize after praying for God to show me what HE wants me to focus on.


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