The Life of Cushy Seats and Cup Holders

Well, it happened. I have finally “arrived”. It’s taken nine years but I’ve caught up with the Joneses. I am now the owner of a riding lawn mower. When I bought my first house in North Carolina, I was nearly 30 years old and had never mowed a lawn in my life. This might sound crazy to some but I grew up in Southern Arizona and grass lawns were not very common. I don’t recall my family even owning a lawn mower when I was a kid.

Even though my lawn in North Carolina would certainly be considered “riding mower worthy” and all my neighbors have riding mowers, I opted to buy a push mower for a couple reasons…the price was right and I had not yet earned a riding mower.

I had not yet done my time. I had not yet felt what it was like to push my mower up and down my lawn every week for six months out of the year. Particularly, I had not yet discovered the joys of push mowing in mid-July in a certain region of North Carolina known as the Dismal Swamp. I had to do my time so that someday I would truly appreciate the benefits of sitting on my cushy leather seat and riding around my lawn with a cool drink in my cup holder.

Last week, my husband received an email from some friends of ours. They were preparing to move out-of-state and into a place that did not have a lawn to mow. They were wondering if we might want to buy their riding lawn mower. We opted to buy it for a couple reasons…the price was right and with nine years of push-mowed lawns under my belt (or feet)…I am now ready.

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