the miracle of it all


My son, Sean, is officially a teenager today. As I was making my coffee this morning, I had one of those “unreal feeling” moments.  When did I become a mom of a teenager?  

I was thinking about the moments, months, and years prior to becoming a mom, prior to that Monday morning 13 years ago when I was standing by the bathroom sink talking to my husband about the plan for the day. I’d had a rough night and my husband wasn’t sure whether or not he should leave me at home and go to work. Sean was not officially due to arrive for 5 more days, but we weren’t so sure he was going to wait that long. Should my husband go into work? Should I call my doctor and try to get my weekly baby check appointment moved up to today instead of Tuesday?

And then, right in the middle of all the questions, our answer showed up. My water broke. We collected our hospital bags and made the 30 minute drive into town.  We were going to meet our son…today!

This morning, I’ve decided again, that I never want to forget about the miracle of it all.  Not just the miracle of being a mom but the miracle of everything else. The miracle of how broken roads will often lead to some place so beautiful. I never want to forget how, at that season in my life, I was standing right in the middle of a miracle.

The stubborn choices I had fearfully made over the years, the painful consequences, the love and discipline from a Savior who refused to give up on me or stop pursuing me, the breaking of chains, the spacious places, the breathing room, the second chances, the amazing grace…

I think back on all of it again this morning. I inhale the grace and breathe out the gratitude.  I don’t deserve this beauty, Lord. None of it. Thank you. 

Today, I am thankful for the miracle of it all.

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