the more I need

My grace is sufficient.
My grace is enough.
My grace is all you need.

God’s grace is all I need. What a relief this is to know. The world we live in is so contradictory to this type of thinking. The world tells us we need more in order to be content. We get accustomed to believing that once those certain dreams and hopes we have become reality, then we will be happy.

But it is never enough.

That’s because God never intended for jobs, spouses, children, PhD’s, cars, ideal weights, big houses, perfectly trimmed lawns, clean toilets and big screen TVs to completely satisfy us. That’s why whenever we finally do “catch up with the Joneses” in a certain area in our lives, we find ourselves sitting in the middle of our perfect, ideal world going….hmmm….I thought it would be different. I thought I would be happier. So, we continue on our quest for the more we think we need.

But He says, my grace is enough. He says, what you’re really searching for is Me.

Lord, thank you for being everything that I need today!

3 thoughts on “the more I need

  1. Kelli

    Wow girl! God put this on my heart today to…"When do we have enough?" "When will we give our surplus instead of our scraps!?" If we truly believed His grace was sufficient, we wouldn't be doing some of the things we as Christians do. Like your post!

  2. Fields of gold

    Amen!! totally relying on God's grace for the moment and the next moment and the next…

    Thanks for sharing such solid truths!

  3. frogsview

    A good word for sure!

    And unfortunately we as Americans have confused the line between our needs and our wants. Now we think we must have our wants, and if we don't, then we somehow or other are deficient.

    Also, speaking of wants, the 'C' word holiday is upon us. At the end of October, I started seeing TV commercials getting us warmed up for the big day…


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