The Party on the Table

Years ago, after making some pancakes for my son one morning, I called out to him,”Sean, your breakfast is ready.”

His response to me as he rounded the corner still makes me smile, “the party is on the table!”

Nowadays, that’s typically how I inform him breakfast is ready.

“Sean, the party is on the table!”

This morning after I said it I had this thought:

Lord, what if I approached things needing to be accomplished today with that kind of enthusiasm?

What if I saw the opportunities in front of me today as a way to celebrate life and the unique path you’ve designed and planned out just for me?

Sometimes, if I take the time to really listen, I can hear my Heavenly Father calling out to me.  He’s requesting my presence at the big beautiful table of life.  The chair is pulled out and He’s waiting for me.

Eileen, the party is on the table. I’m throwing it especially for you.  Don’t miss it. Dig in. Eat up. Enjoy every bite. 


4 thoughts on “The Party on the Table

  1. Tracy

    Love this Eileen! I am so at the party with you…. I spent way to many years “missing the party.” No longer…give me eyes to see Lord! And to think that our earthly party is just a hint of the one to come!


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