The Path to Promotion


Lord, we’d like a big helping of Your greatness but please hold the thorns.

Isn’t that what we sometimes hope would be the path to deeper dependence on God?   We want to experience His power in our life without the struggle.  We want the gain without the pain.

Lord, we desire to love you more. Lord, we desire to have a heart that trusts You completely. Lord, we want Your eyes to see so we can serve others with compassion, but please spare us from having to go through that or participate in that in order to get there.

I was thinking about one of my favorite subjects again today.  Redemption. I love how I can look back on the life I have lived so far and point to personal struggles and pains that God has found a way to redeem.  I love how during this time of year I can’t help but unwrap the gift of Easter too. It’s the ultimate redemption story. The path that Jesus took being born into the world, then living here with us for 33 short years, then dying a painful death, then rising again is an incredible legacy of love.  The inconvenience of coming, the struggles He went through, the tremendous pain He endured…all for us.

He was/is our King but He took the path of a servant. Never in all the years He was here with us, did He ever get a prestigious promotion. He remained a servant.  Never did He reach a point where all His hard work and dedication to His ministry allowed Him the reward of sitting back and being served. It could have. He was justified.  He was a King.

The only times I can really remember accounts  in the Bible when Jesus allowed Himself to be served, it was always to make a point and to teach us. A prostitute served Him with a precious bottle of perfume mixed with her “I could never repay you” tears.  Or the contrasting story of Martha and Mary. Martha, who made the mistake of thinking serving Jesus meant frantically cooking dinner in the kitchen. But Mary served Him by sitting still and listening.

Most of the time in Scripture, we see Jesus diving in with both hands to serve others.  He touched lepers.  He washed grimy feet. He enjoyed dinner with the outcasts and you know how He “promoted” Himself the next day…by doing more of the same.  Our King kept serving us.

Lord, give us the eyes today to see the incredible beauty tucked away in the sacrifices, the serving and the struggles.  

4 thoughts on “The Path to Promotion

  1. Maria I. Morgan

    Beautiful Eileen! I struggle with desiring to grow in the Lord but without the ‘thorns.’ Thanks for reminding me of the importance of serving and sacrifice. Jesus came to redeem us and showed us a wonderful example of what it means to be a servant. Praying He’ll help me live it out in my life today! God bless you~


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