The Perfect Love Story Starts and Ends Here


It doesn’t necessarily  have to be a pit that brings us to our knees. It could be that the weight of God’s love becomes so heavy we are unable to hold it all up any more. A love so strong that our knees buckle, our eyes open up, and our hearts stop to rest…finally ready to bask in the beauty of it all.

I’ve been thinking about this idea ever since having lunch with a new friend last week. Up until that conversation, I had not thought too much about how children, who are far from their Father, don’t necessarily need pain and pits to prompt a change of heart. (Like my heart seemed to need.)  Sometimes, instead, they need to feel and recognize a love so powerful, so strong and so inviting that there is no reasoning it or denying it away any longer.

Whether our paths include pits really isn’t the point.  The point is they all start and end with a loving God pursuing us. They all start and end with a loving God allowing and/or doing whatever it takes to wake us up to His love so he can be in relationship with us, His children.

You know what thought filled me with joy this morning?  I love that God’s wooing tactics, His “courtship” of us is deeply personal. He knows each of us so intimately and, therefore, knows what will bring us to our knees in surrender and worship.

Heard this song the other day.  The words are beautiful…

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