The Philosophy of Finley

“You are the God who works wonders; You revealed Your strength among the peoples.” — Psalm 77:14


I’ve been thinking about this word today. I’m beginning to think that searching for and asking for child-like wonder may be just as important as searching for and asking for wisdom.

My dog, Finley, lives in a constant state of awe. Everyday truly is a new day to him. Sometimes he gets so caught up in this perpetual state of wonder that he totally forgets that one of the main reasons his person takes him for a morning walk is so that he can do his morning “business”.

Instead, Finley is chronically preoccupied by the sheer beauty of being alive, gazing upon creation and breathing all of it in. Every blade of grass is a miracle to him… each smell, new and exciting. Every squirrel he sees is the first one he’s ever laid eyes on. It’s like he runs up the road, shouting in joyful disbelief…this. is. AMAZING!

I’m not totally convinced that the Finley philosophy is the most productive way to go through life (at least not from the world’s standards of productivity) But, geez, it sure is the most soul-filling way to go through life.

The Proverbs tell us to search for wisdom and understanding like we search for treasure. Maybe, just maybe, the same applies to wonder.

There was a time in my life when wonder and waking up with a sense of giddy, joy-filled, expectancy seemed as natural as breathing to me.

What are You going to do today, Lord?
What beauty do You want to show us today?
What lessons do You have waiting for us today, Lord?
How are You going to blow us away again with Your greatness today?

Life was one big, beautiful scavenger hunt!

It still is.

Show us Your glory today, Lord.

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