The Red X

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TOPIC: Connected

This week I’ve been using wireless internet service at my in-law’s house.

The signal bar for the  internet connection is sometimes weak.  Every so often, the signal dips and the little computer icon in the bottom corner of my laptop will be covered up with a flashing red X.  The flashing red X is  Mr. Internet silently alerting me, “Hey you, girl sitting on comfy couch using wireless internet… you are no longer connected.” 

Thanks for letting me know, Mr. Internet,  I will re-connect to you now.

Aren’t you glad that once we enter into a relationship with God we never have to worry about the flashing red X again?   Yes, there are times we might drift  and His signal might become weak in our lives. But, the moment we make the decision to connect to Him,  the moment we invite Him into our hearts the red X disappears.  And in its place, everlasting grace.




8 thoughts on “The Red X

  1. Caroline

    Love this, Eileen: ” the moment we invite Him into our hearts the red X disappears. And in its place, everlasting grace.” Oh, everlasting grace. It gets me every time.

    I love your ability to take little day-to-day moments and relate them to our walk with Him. Awesome job, Eileen.

  2. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – wow, short sweet and to the point. Only we can sever our Godly connection because God never will. He gives us free will but I choose today to be and remain connected to Him.
    God bless


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