The Seahorse in my Backyard

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Today’s Prompt:  ORDINARY

I glanced out my kitchen window this morning and spotted a seahorse.

Well, not a real seahorse, a stick seahorse.  Does anyone else see it?

2013-03-01 06.53.17

I once shared with you this photo. It’s the Schnauzer tree I drive by each time I travel into town.

Do you see the striking resemblance to a real schnauzer?

And, here is the bank robber tree.  I nicknamed it Armed and Dangerous…beware of trees with guns.  398820_3969164152183_1662643700_n

So what’s the point of this post?  Ordinary things are not just ordinary…take time to look closer.

When I was in high school, my friend Kerry came up to me at lunch and said, “Did you see those clouds earlier today?

“No, why?”

She then proceeded to tell me about these clouds that looked like flying saucers.  Apparently, they were really cool because she went on and on about them. It amused me.

Later, when my mom picked me up from school, the first thing out of her mouth…”Did you see those clouds today?”

I laughed.  What in the world?   I told her I did not but Kerry had.  The next time my mom and Kerry saw each other…they talked about these clouds…clouds they happened to catch a glimpse of on one ordinary day.

I wish I’d seen those clouds too.  But, I wasn’t looking.

We make this mistake all the time, don’t we?  We forget to look beyond the surface of ordinary.  We do it with people. We do it with things. We do it with events.

My husband shared this great video with me the other day and it reminded me that seeing beauty is all in the way we perceive something. Make time to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way today!

8 thoughts on “The Seahorse in my Backyard

  1. Sophia

    You are right. So often I miss the little things for looking for the big things. Your pictures are awesome. My favorite is the bank robber trees. I wish you had pics of the clouds as well. Maybe the flying saucers will come back one day, you think?


  2. Caroline

    Love these photos, Eileen! Fantastic! And, yes to this: “We forget to look beyond the surface of ordinary.” Ordinary is extraordinary just in its existence.


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