The Sweet Spot

sweet spot

“It’s wrong to should people into a love relationship”-  Rick Lawrence

“The gospel life isn’t something we learn about and then put together with instructions from the manufacturer; it’s something we become as God does his work of creation and salvation in us and as we accustom ourselves to a life of belief and obedience and prayer…There are things wrong that need fixing; and there are jobs that need doing.  But this is why the Christian life starts at the other end– not with us but with God…This is why the David story continues to prove so useful; it doesn’t show us how we should live but how we do live. And how in that living, if we keep our eyes open, stay honest, and avoid pretense, we encounter God alive, God in covenant with us, God pulling the best out of us…” – Eugene Peterson,  Leap Over a Wall

I read these beautiful words from Lawrence and Peterson a few days apart.

This is the sweet spot where my heart longs to stay…wrapped up and resting…secure in this knowing.

It’s not my job to fix it, build it, or create it.

Oh, to live from this place ALWAYS.  

I find peace here. I can breathe here.

In this spot, the heavy yoke He lifted can’t touch me. In this spot, the chains He broke can’t bind me.  

As I wrote this morning a quote from Rick McKinley came to mind, one I shared years ago but one I need to remember over and over. “The kingdom is. That’s it. Jesus does not need you or me to nail it together.”

I wanted to share this song again from Gungor, Please Be My Strength. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

I listen to the words and my soul finds the sweet spot.

“I’m looking for a place
that I can plant my faith
one thing I know for sure

I cannot create it
I cannot sustain it
It’s Your love that’s keeping me”

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