The Tear Catcher

I cried this morning. I hadn’t yet taken my second sip of coffee and tears showed up unexpectedly.  On a side note, this might be a personal record for me for the quickest I’ve ever cried in the span between feet hitting the bedroom floor in the morning to the moment I’ve had tears rolling down my cheek.  Geez.

I opened my laptop to read today’s devotional and Facebook was on my screen.  I scrolled down and saw a sweet picture of a Facebook friend tenderly embracing her elderly mom. You couldn’t see her mom’s face just the backside of her head, snuggling into her daughter’s chest.  And, almost instantly, like someone flipped a switch, the tears left my eyes and poured down my cheek.

If I had to diagnose these tears I would say it’s just a daughter who longs to hold her elderly mom, who aches for what never was, who longs for one more glimpse, one more conversation with a gray headed old lady, to see her smile and to hear that laugh again. Oh that laugh!

I cried for a minute over the beauty and the pain of it all and then opened my devotional for the day.  These were some of the words I read.

Luke 2:8-20

“…there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.”

Shepherds were among the first to hear this good news. There was nothing special about them. They were at work. The setting was mundane. These details are important.

God comes to you where you are. He doesn’t make you dress up. He doesn’t give you an address on the far corner of the world, where He can be found. He finds you. He comes precisely to the place where it seems he is least likely to come.

And when He comes, you know it. ”


“God comes to you where you are..He comes precisely to the place where it seems he is least likely to come.” 

I think this is what I love most about our Comforter, Healer, Rescuer.  He meets us where we are. And most of the time, the places where He is willing to meet us will surprise us. He meets us in the routine and in the ordinary moments of our life. Why would a King come here? We think to ourselves. And His humbleness, humbles us.

He also meets us in our pain and in our tears. That’s what fills me with the most awe about this relationship we have with the King of the world. This is why I can cry over a picture and those tears are not just full of sorrow and sad chapters. Instead, they’re soggy breadcrumbs that lead me back to my King.  He’s there, in the midst of my tears. I know this.  Not one drop leaves my eye without Jesus kneeling there by my side, His nail pierced hand stretched out, catching each and every one.

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