The Wind and the Wrestling


Tug of wars and wrestling matches seem be the theme I see popping up all over the place these last few days.

Last week I shared HERE how it was Paul’s tug of war story between flesh and Spirit in Romans 7 that reminded me I wasn’t alone during a personal season of unending struggle. Then earlier this week I heard the beautiful new song by Rend Collective that I shared with you all yesterday, Weep With Me. It’s about wrestling with faith in the midst of pain and suffering. It’s about coming to Him anyway, praising Him anyway, trusting Him anyway.

“Lord I will wrestle with your heart
but I won’t let you go
You know I believe
Help my unbelief

Yet I will praise you
Yet I will sing of your name
Here in the shadows
I’ll light up an offering of praise

What was true in the light
is still true in the dark
You’re good and you’re kind
and you care for this heart”

Yesterday I also read these word in the devotional I’m currently doing:

“It is the wind of the wilderness, dry and cutting if necessary, that blows our own thoughts out of us and the Spirit’s knowing into us. It is that wind that will eventually allow us to see though our eyes be closed, and hear though our ears be deafened. It is Holy Spirit, the wind of the wilderness, that flings us into the desert like rag dolls, cradles us out there like children, feeds us like the ravens above Elijah’s creek. It is the wind that seeks to polish us with sand, to let the erosion of the grit reveal our truest contours. To see what we take with us out of nothing. What we leave with the nothing.” ~ Face of the Deep, by Paul Pastor

I love that image of the “the wind of the wilderness blowing our own thoughts out of us and the Spirit’s knowing into us”. The wind gives us the ability to hear and see things differently. The wind… flinging us, cradling us, feeding us, polishing us, shaping us, making us, renewing us.

What treasure will we take from nothing?
What baggage, what lies, what pride, what junk will we leave behind?

What unforgettable lesson will we learn from nothing?
What hope, what truth, will sustain us as we journey forward?

The wrestle in the wilderness is filled with a strange kind of beauty. It’s the beauty of His glory and His presence showing us and teaching us lessons about love and life that we can’t learn anywhere else.

Desperate dependence opens our hearts to His love and we are never the same again.

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