There for me

I’ve been thinking about friendship. I have a friend who has been my friend for almost 20 years. We officially met in college, but we did go to high school together as well. In high school, we did not run in the same crowd. Actually, I really didn’t have a running crowd in high school. I had more of a cave. I was shy and quiet and if I wasn’t hiding behind my clarinet in the marching band, I was hiding in the library for the majority of my high school days.

However, during my freshman year in college this individual befriended me. Yvette and I had a couple classes together. Her outgoing personality and my quiet personality seemed to compliment one another. She helped bring me out of my cave. I stood at the entrance and began to look around.

Looking back, this friendship seemed to crop up exactly when I needed it most. That’s the funny thing about God, His timing is perfect. Ten months after meeting Yvette, my mom’s long battle with breast cancer ended. Yvette was there for me. I remember showing up for school the morning after her death and she was there waiting for me in the courtyard at the picnic table. She wrapped her arms around me and I wept.

Yvette’s family became my surrogate family. Both my older brothers lived away from home and my dad’s job had him traveling quite a bit. This left me at home by myself a lot. Yvette and her family took me in. I was never alone. Unless, of course, I insisted that I really needed some alone time! Her family took me in and loved on me. I have a difficult time thinking back on this time in my life without crying. I was so incredibly blessed to have them there. During some very dark days, they kept me laughing.

Ten years ago this month, Yvette and her family were there for me again. This time, it was when I was going a through a divorce. I am still amazed at the lengths Yvette (and her husband) went to to be by my side and help me out. At the time, I was living clear across the country. The two of them flew out to the east coast simply to get in a car with me and my two dogs and help me drive 2400 miles back to Arizona. There was no way I could have made the drive myself with two dogs in the heat of the summer. That’s friendship.

Another ten years have passed on the calendar. My friend, Yvette, is still there for me. We don’t see each other very often. We don’t talk very often. But, she is there for me. Thankfully, I have not experienced another life-changing dark moment…but I know dark moments come. And I know when the next one comes, I will have a friend to help lift me up.

Thanks, Yvette. I love you!

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