This Means Everything

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Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4 Message

I’ve noticed a shift on what my overriding request is nowadays when I pray for the people the Lord places on my heart.  It’s not so much that God would fix their problem or change their circumstances. Although, I do request that too. 😉 But, more than anything else, the cry of my heart is that they feel His presence.

Lord, make Your presence undeniable in their lives and in their circumstance.
Comfort them with Your presence.  Strengthen them with Your presence.  Guide them with Your presence. 

It dawned on me recently one of the reasons why this is so important to me.

It’s the legacy my mom left to me.

I’ve shared with you all before the letter my mom left in her Bible for us to find and read after she died.  The letter was titled Not Alone.

I’ve often wondered, out of all the last words she could have chosen to leave us, why those?  The longer I live, the more I understand.

His Presence in our lives means everything!

When we grasp hold of Him with all our heart, then even if our circumstances don’t change and even when life does not follow the plan we have…it’s okay.  In fact, it’s more than okay.  What He is able to supply us and what He is able to guarantee us is infinitely bigger!

More than anything, I want this Truth to be the one the my son grasps too.

Question:  How does His certain presence help you even when your trial or circumstances don’t change?

I am excited to be linking up with Shari from Leaving A Legacy today!

12 thoughts on “This Means Everything

  1. Julie (@InciteFaith)


    Great post and reminder.

    Honestly, I wish I felt His presence more than I do. Maybe I’m trying too hard to feel something that is already here and I need to be still and feel it.

    What has helped me though is even in the midst of my trials, I know He’s still here & He’s doing something I can’t see but I know He’s working. That’s been my prayer for the past year. “Lord, I know You’re doing something, I can’t see it, but I feel it. Help me be patient.”

    Patience is so key in feeling His presence.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Julie, I think that is one reason I pray for this for others. When we catch small glimpses of His glory in the midst of our circumstances, it increases our faith and encourages us to persevere…even if we don’t understand fully.

  2. Steve

    Eileen, I read three devotions, yours being the newest. Yesterday a friend emailed and he is going through struggles, and each devotion directed me to help him. God is here to help us because with his vast bountiful love and his divine knowledge He created us as part of Him. He wants us to do the same for those He puts in our path. After all, they are put in our path for a divine reason, yes?! His presence means so much more when we truely understand and act with the knowledge that our Lord and ourselves are truly inseparable. Those who are learning, like me, that one of the greatest gifts of deepening our relationship with Christ, is learning to recognize how we are being surrounded by His grace, need also to learn how to pay His grace forward. I find that no only does this action help strengthen the other person, it also strengthens ourselves, and weaves the fabric of the Lord’s love for his people just a little bit tighter. Eileen, thank you for your inspiration! These thoughts wouldn’t have arrived in my spirit this morning without having read your blog! God bless!

  3. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – I too find I am praying differently for people and think its because I am starting to realize that God doesn’t nec change our circumstances (which He can and does) but its more about how we go through the circumstance, so i also pray differently. Great post Eileen 🙂
    God bless

  4. Jenifer

    Great post and encouragement! I want His presence in my life more than anything else. You can definitely pray that for me! 😉

    His presences just helps me to know that I am not alone. I hate the feeling of being alone, His presence reminds me I am not.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Hate that feeling of being alone too, Jenifer. Love that He is our closest, most dependable friend.

  5. Heidi

    Ah, Eileen, I just posted about this. His presence helps me when things change or don’t change because He never changes! The same yesterday, today and forever! His presence means I’m fully aware of His plans and His sovereignty. Whatever is happening or not happening loses it’s grip on me when I’m living in the promise of eternity with Him. Great post!

  6. Shari Miller


    Thank you for linking up today. Your post was beautiful. It made me cry. God’s presence gives me peace and comfort no matter what circumstances I have to face. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thanks for hosting it, Shari! I know I’ve told you already, but I think it’s a great idea for a link up!


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