This way you will know and understand…

“If I am not doing My Father’s works, don’t believe Me. But if I am doing them and you don’t believe Me, believe the works. This way you will know and understand that the Father is in Me and I in the Father.” John 10: 37-38

I think this is what delights and surprises me most about this journey and this relationship. There is so much room for doubts, questions, mess ups, learning and growing.  Trust doesn’t usually happen overnight in any relationship. It comes with spending time with someone, doing life with them, and getting to know their heart.

Are they dependable?
Do their words match their actions?
Are their intentions good?

I love the reminder above that there is plenty of room as we walk along with Jesus to have doubts, questions and set backs but if we are truly committed and humbly looking for His hand working and moving in this world and in our lives, we will “know and understand.”  I also love how, over the years, these “works” have shown up in my life in profound and deeply personal ways too.

Sometimes (or maybe I should say most of the time) the journey to knowing and understanding is not all sunshine and flowers.  The biggest faith building seasons in my life have not been when His works have fit nicely into “Eileen’s personal box of what it means to have a good life”. It’s not been when life has gone as I envisioned it.

Rather, the biggest times of growth and trusting more of Jesus’ heart have come during those times when there has been no rational reason why I should have hope or peace or joy and yet…there is no denying that those beautiful things are there. These are those times when faith has become sight in my own life. Those are the miraculous works that I have seen show up on this journey over and over again. It’s assurance that His unchanging, unshakeable love is with me always.  It’s evidence of a good Father when nothing else in this life makes sense.

It’s all those times in my life when His hand has held me through pain or has shown me beauty far beyond the undesirable circumstance or season I find myself.  It’s all those times when He has been true to His word:

Peace IS POSSIBLE even through this.
Freedom and healing IS POSSIBLE no matter how deep the pit or how tight the chains.
Grace and redemption IS POSSIBLE no matter how many wrong turns it took to get to MY door. 


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