Today I Run for Them

Last night when I heard that one of the victims of the Boston Marathon attack was an 8-year-old child my already sunken heart took yet another dive into the waters of disbelief. The senseless killing of adults is one level of horrible for my heart and mind to try to digest, but when you add children…

As many of you know, I love to run. It wasn’t always that way. There was a season in my life when I gave up running. It was after I completed a season on the cross-country team in the 8th grade.  It was then I discovered I wasn’t any good at running. In every practice run with the team I was the slowest runner. It was frustrating and yet I made a decision during the season (thanks to my supportive coach) that I would stay on the team. I decided that no matter how slow I ran each race, I would keep running. The one thing I wouldn’t do during a race was stop, give up, and walk.

That decision paid off during the last meet of the season. After coming in last at every single meet, I was able to pass one runner on the opposing team who had given up and decided to walk. When my teammates saw me coming toward the finish line they cheered me on from the sidelines…some even ran along side me.

I wish I could say the experience left me motivated to keep trying new things, but it didn’t. I crossed the finish line that day and I stopped running. I was scared of trying something new and not being any good at it. I was scared of coming in last. I was scared I would fail again.

Years later, I was encouraged to begin running again.  A fellow coworker helped me to see that just because I ran at a slower pace didn’t make me a failure.

Over the last few years I’ve participated in a couple of 10Ks and a couple of 1/2 marathons. Today, I run for the joy of running. Today, I run to finish the race.

“In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, the middle of the pack, or last.  You can say ‘I have finished.’  There is a lot of satisfaction in that.” ~Unknown

My heart breaks for the lives that were cut short yesterday.  My heart breaks for the those who have lost their limbs or their loved ones.

Today, I’m heading out for a run. I’ll be running in honor of those who can’t. I will run the race and not stop. I will step across the finish line for them.

31 thoughts on “Today I Run for Them

  1. Jenifer

    My heart aches over the bombing and, as you, especially over the child killed and children injured. It is horrific. Senseless violence of a coward. My heart and prayers are with all of those effected by the event.

    I love to walk and last year tried jogging. I am sure I looked quite silly doing it and I am very slow, but it was enjoyable -somewhat. 😉 Enjoy your run, Eileen!

  2. Joy Lenton

    This is lovely, Eileen. Really inspiring. To get back into the race/saddle and have another go requires courage. To run our race of life simply for the joy of taking part is a great goal to aim for. To run in honour of the memory of those unable to participate is noble and inspirational. Thank you for being brave, bold and beautiful in the race. Blessings 🙂 xx

  3. Shelley

    My heart is still heavy with the thought of those who have lost their loved ones and whose lives will be changed forever from this horrific act. Your post was touching on all levels. The encouragement to keep going and never give up for the duration is a strong message for all of us.

  4. katina vaselopulos

    Thank you Eileen for lifting my heart with your heartwarming, ispiring, and encouraging words! Turning hateful situations into loving ones is our only chance to make the world, ever so gradually, a better place!

    Blessings and Light!

  5. Alex

    What a beautiful piece of writing. And beautiful sentiments. I’m with you today, out there pounding the pavement. I’ll be running for those who can’t.

  6. Tracy

    Hi Eileen, when I heard about this tragedy I thought about you and other bloggers who love to run. My first thought is that if any of you were there, I prayed you were safe, and secondly, I was so angry at those who think their cowardly acts will achieve anything! But on a positive note, their actions lead others to stand together, to see their need for Christ, to stand for those hurt etc! This post, Eileen, is lovely. But not only is it supportive of those affected, it speaks to how God has changed you too.
    God bless friend

    1. Eileen Post author

      A great point, Tracy. Their actions do lead others to come together in the midst of something so terrible.

  7. Tami Grandi

    I too am a slow runner- but never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be running. My heart breaks for those whose lives were altered by one senseless act 🙁

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