Treasured and Useful

I wasn’t going jump ahead and read tomorrow’s devotional but I couldn’t help myself once my eyes caught sight of one of the words in the first paragraph.

“Jesus shapes and tinkers and molds and forms. It’s what he’s good at. He walked the earth as a carpenter- trimming edges, nailing boards, and constructing treasured and useful items. “

Treasured and useful…these words made me think of the words the Lord used to describe Paul during his conversion. He is my “chosen instrument.” (Acts 9)

Jesus shaped and molded Paul. He opened his eyes to Truth and once Paul’s eyes saw how the carpenter had personally chiseled and hammered away at his own life, he believed.

The beauty and fascinating aspect of this “chosen instrument” choice was that Paul was far from being the most efficient discipleship tool when the Lord pronounced him special and treasured. Paul came with plenty of broken blades and dented up perceptions. And, yet, the Lord said. “He’s the one.”

Even instruments that, at first glance, appear to be the completely wrong tool for the task can create beauty when placed in the hands of a capable carpenter who has a track record of making masterpieces out of broken things.

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