Trusting the Giver of Strength

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Why do I look for the breadcrumbs on the path? Because they often lead to a big God who has a cool way of blowing me away in the most unique and personal and beautiful ways.

I shared that thought on Facebook Tuesday night after spotting more breadcrumbs earlier in the day.  I think one of the reasons I love taking time in the morning to write down the thoughts on my heart is because God has this amazing way of using my own words to point me back to the fact that He is omnipresent in our lives.

Over the years,  I’ve learned to write and then watch and wait in expectation. He’s always working, always guiding, and always teaching.  My job is to stay alert…to be an attentive and willing student.

On Monday morning, I started writing the post I shared with you all earlier this week.  It wasn’t quite done so I woke up and worked on it again on Tuesday morning before heading to work.  I finished it up and hit the “publish” button.  Here’s a recap of the main point I was making and the two questions I wanted you all to think about:

Maybe it’s okay to embrace and celebrate our strengths…not in a puffed up way but in a “I’m so grateful and I refuse to waste or take this gift for granted” way.

What are you really good at?

What is one way you can use your gift to serve others and bring glory to the Giver of that gift today?

I closed my laptop and finished getting ready for work.  An hour later, as I pulled into a parking space near the church that I work at, I received a group email message from one of my coworkers that was sent out to the entire team.  “Please bring your laptops to the meeting this morning.  We will be using them.” 

When we arrived at the meeting we were all informed that instead of our typical meeting we were all going to take a “Strength’s Finder” test.

I smiled big, shook my head in amusement, and chuckled.

Of course we’re going to take a strength’s finder test today, Lord.  Of course we are!

Breadcrumbs on the path. I never ever get tired of looking for them or picking them up!

Some more thoughts:

  • God, most of the time, I have no idea what you’re up to…I just know you are always with me and always up to something.
  • Life is like this huge jigsaw puzzle and, You Lord, are fully in charge of the pieces.  I simply must trust you will reveal them to me at the proper time.  (Psalm 145:15)
  • Here’s a great reminder I read by Bob Goff last night on Twitter: “We shouldn’t act surprised when we don’t understand, what a God who says He passes all understanding is doing.”
  • Life with Christ is a beautiful adventure. He’s the one holding the map.

Today, make sure to look for the breadcrumbs on the path.  They are everywhere.  And, when you spot one, pause for a moment and ask the Lord if there’s a lesson tucked away in the piece that He desires for you to learn.


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