Trusting the Wing Maker

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Scripture repeats itself quite a bit.  We can hear the same messages weaved throughout the entire Bible. We hear over and over messages of grace, redemption, freedom, hope, forgiveness, love.  I think I know why messages are repeated. Because we are forgetful people. We wander off the path and easily lose our way.

I thought about this during my quiet time this morning.  What more can I say, Lord?  It’s been 25 years today since I sat by my mom’s bedside and locked eyes with her eyes. I watched as she caught a glimpse of Your glory. There was no fear in her eyes. Instead, I was shocked to see joy. I saw eyes sparking with life. And in the midst of this strange, unforgettable beauty she reassured me. “I’m going to be fine.” She then went on to recite Psalm 23.  And, at that moment, I knew that her Redeemer lives. 

That moment has been one of those breadcrumbs I often write about. I have revisited that moment over and over. It was hope in the midst of pain and suffering. And this one glimpse, this one breadcrumb, was enough to, one day, guide me back to His doorstep. How did you know, Lord?  You knew I would run away. You knew I would stubbornly jump into the driver’s seat and try to navigate my way through this life apart from You.

But You also knew the day I would return…broken, desperate, and ready. You knew that pits and personal prisons would be the painful, yet necessary route to Truth: My Redeemer lives too.   

Flying on the coattails of someone else’s faith could only carry me so far. Eventually, I had to get up and learn how to fly on my own wings of faith.  I get it now, Lord.  Yet, I’m still learning and You’re still teaching. 

I continue to need the repeated reminders of your grace, redemption, freedom, hope, forgiveness, and love every single day.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
Hebrews 10:23

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