Two Life Changing Truths I’ve Learned on Recovery Road

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Word Prompt:  CHOOSE

One of the most beautiful truths I have learned as I’ve journeyed down this amazing path of recovery is that we have a choice every step of the way. On the “How Cool is That” scale, it ranks up there next to the truth that even though we some times make the wrong choice, when we choose surrender, God finds a way to redeem all the bad and use it for His Glory and His purpose.

1. No wrong turn is wasted
2. Choice is a powerful weapon

Can you take a moment and let that sink in?

Today is the last day of a ten-day Louie Giglio devotion I’ve been reading. I’m kind of bummed that it’s over. It’s been a great little devotion, packed with beautiful reminders about who God is.

This morning I read these words:

“When faced with temptation, trial, or challenge, breathe out this prayer: Jesus, I can’t do this on my own. When you make this confession you tell the God of Creation what He already knows. But don’t just breathe out. Breathe in: But, Jesus, I know You can…and You live in me.

In this exchange you enter into what is true; Jesus has already conquered whatever you are facing and He lives to conquer it in and through you. Walk in the freedom that is already been won for you in Him!” ~Louie Giglio

These words take me back to the moment the light bulb finally went off in my own heart.

Believing…and living and acting as if God is bigger than whatever trial we are going through changes everything.

God revealed this to me in the most incredible way in my life when I came to understand that what my heart wanted and what I knew He wanted for me were not the same things. My heart was bent on continuing down a destructive path. But guess what?

When the light bulb went off, I was able take my heart’s attitude and it’s desires and lay them down at His feet…trusting that He was able to make something beautiful out of it:  

I wrote about it several years ago:

I learned a lifelong lesson during this season in my life. The Lord can use even the smallest
amount of willingness. And simply being willing to admit the truth that I didn’t want to
change, opened the door of communication with Him.

I remember telling the Lord in a rather kicking and screaming way, “Okay, Lord. I have NO
desire to stop drinking and You know that. If you want me to stop drinking, then You are
going to have to give me that desire. Lord, make my desire not to drink stronger than my
desire to drink. Lord, change my heart.”

The change in my life didn’t happen overnight.  It was a cycle of laying down, then screwing up and, then laying down again…and again.  But the one difference…the choice to get up and take back hold of His hand, the choice to believe God wasn’t kidding when He said that He was the King of grace and second chances.  I chose to believe this and grab hold of this with all my heart.  

  • Sometimes we only have a mustard seed of faith and willingness to offer Him…choose to give it to Him anyways.
  • Sometimes we come to Him kicking and screaming…choose to come to Him anyway
  • Sometimes our hearts are not fully on board with trusting God…choose to acknowledge this to God  and…

Choose to believe that the One who is powerful enough to take what is dead and hopeless and breathe life back into it again,  can and will do the same in your life!   

3 thoughts on “Two Life Changing Truths I’ve Learned on Recovery Road

  1. Joy Lenton

    Eileen, this hit home in a powerful way. God won’t coerce or twist our arms us to make us change our behaviour. He waits. Works on our reluctance by sending words and images to pierce our thoughts with gentle provocation. Wanting the decision to be made freely as a matter of the will and the heart. And so often we forget He sees the other side of it all when the butterfly emerges from her cacoon to stretch her wings and fly free. Recognising and living in the knowledge of God’s might, wisdom and grace offers us deep reassurance we are going to be okay and can face another day with hope and faith in His holding and strengthening power. Thank you for this encouraging word! Blessings 🙂 x

    1. Eileen Post author

      Yes, Joy! I love how patient He with us. I think this is one reason I am so grateful. I didn’t deserve that patience and all those chances to get back up and try again. But He stands waiting for us with open arms.


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