Wake Up Calls

I had a dream the night before last and much of what I can remember involved working and preparing for a service at church.  I remember chatting with a few folks about baptism too.  However, the most memorable part of my dream was a statement the dream me made right before my morning alarm woke me up.

“If I err I’d rather err being too transparent than not transparent enough.”

Wow, what a message to be lodged in your brain at the precise moment the alarm abruptly startles you out of dream land.  As I sipped my coffee and thought more about the ending to my dream, the more I liked it.  It’s a great wake up call.

In my quiet time that same morning, I read the following verse.

The one who conceals his sins
will not prosper,
but whoever confesses and renounces them
will find mercy. Proverbs 28:13

I love the topic of transparency and bringing that which is hidden out into the light. I love the healing power of the light. I love what the Lord is capable of doing in our lives when we humbly bring every single part of us to Him and to His love. There is an incredible amount of freedom, grace, and mercy found in that space of vulnerability.

During the chapter in my life when I struggled with addiction, it was transparency mixed with the truth and love of Jesus that brought ultimate healing and restoration in my life. I know the shame of the dark and I will never go back there. So yes, “if I err I’d rather err being too transparent than not transparent enough.”

As hard as that journey from dark to light can be sometimes…the journey is worth it.  Though the journey involves sacrifice and vulnerability, I will never stop being amazed at how this sacrifice can lead to so much gain.  We open our hands and our hearts and let go and Jesus comes along and fills those empty hands and hearts with something more…something better.  He also gives us eyes that allow us to see beauty and love in a way we never perceived it before.

I believe this recipe: transparency + the love of Jesus is the answer to pretty much everything.  

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