What Was I Thinking?!

So, I stupidly had the bright idea to pick inconvenience as my One Word this year.

What the heck was I thinking?!

Lately, I have found myself having little conversations with God trying to explain what I meant when I came to the conclusion this was the word for me.

Lord, when I picked inconvenience I meant the good ones…not the bad ones. I thought that was understood.

Because, there is a difference. The “good” ones are those that tend to shake up our life in a positive way. The good ones come throughout our day and point us to Him. They help to refocus us on the important things in life. But, they don’t hurt that much…they just make us a little uncomfortable…they stretch us a little bit.

Or, the good ones are those that bravely take us beyond our fears and out of our comfort zones to pursue a life long dream…we write a book, we scale Mt Everest, we go on a mission trip.  It’s a good hurt. The “I can feel myself growing and learning” kind of hurt.

Then there are the “bad” interruptions that have a way of terrifying us or turning life upside down. The bad things such as sudden illness, unexpected debt, loss of a job, or death of a loved one. No one I know would pray for any of that to happen.

Don’t you see God?  Of course I meant the good ones…not the bad ones.

But God.

I’ve been reminded once again that God works and sees things so differently than we do. Where we see pain, He sees the possibility of a heart growing closer to Him and loving Him more deeply.

He takes the wreckage and turns it into a masterpiece.  He takes the seemingly broken beyond repair and makes it beautiful and useable again.  He takes the heart that’s lost all hope of surviving and somehow pumps life back into it.

If we intend on trusting God to completely transform our life then we don’t get to pick and choose the pain he uses to get us there. It doesn’t work that way.

Dear Lord, help us to trust You even when what You do or what You allow to happen in our lives doesn’t make any sense. 

You see the whole storyEach chapter is flawlessly written by You.  We just need to stop trying to take the pen out of Your hand.

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