When Creations Come to Life

Last night we carved our pumpkin.  It’s one of my favorite activities around this time of year. I love pulling out all the seeds and  I love roasting the seeds in the oven.  My son loves the activity too.

About four years ago, I wrote a short fiction story called Seeds of Tradition.  It was shortly after I decided to face my fear and start writing again.  Writing, as many of you know, was an activity I hadn’t really done since college.

Seeds of Tradition inevitably comes to mind each year around Halloween.  It’s one of the few fiction pieces I’ve ever attempted to write and it’s one I don’t mind reading through again every now and then.  And, I can do it without cringing too much. 🙂    I think I’m fond of this story because it contains so many of my favorite things; autumn, leaves, hot apple cider, pumpkins, family, community, and love.

Last night, the story popped into my brain as my son reached into the pumpkin and pulled out another fistful of seeds.  He placed the seeds in the bowl and said, “Looks like we hit the jackpot, Mom!”

I smiled.  Jackpot…it was the same word the father in my story used years ago upon seeing all the seeds his son had retrieved out of the pumpkin.

This moment in time made me think about how cool it is when the good things we imagine and dream about come to life.  My actual life today doesn’t look at all like the characters I wrote about and yet the feeling I had last night while watching my son retrieve seeds felt like that story.  It was that feeling playing out in front of my eyes.

Prior to actually carving the pumpkin last night, my son drew a picture of what he wanted it to look like.  He then, with his dad’s help, set to work to make what he imagined come to life.

I like the final result.


007Imagination coming to life

This experience reminded me of a couple of things

  • We experience joy when we see the good things in our hearts and minds come to life.
  • The things we imagine are worth pursuing and creating.  My son’s hand drawn creation is nice but to see the finished product brings a sense of accomplishment that he wouldn’t have gotten if it had just stayed on the paper and not been carved into the pumpkin.

Not sure where this post is going today except that I think it’s important to remember that joy is found in the doingLife was meant to be lived.  The good stories we have in our brains are worth pursuing.


5 thoughts on “When Creations Come to Life

  1. CardinalLady

    Joy is always there when I’m doing. When I’m sitting still and not engaged, that’s when I feel so useless, like I’m not living the way God wants me to. I know God made me for so much more than I’m doing. Yet when I list my deeds of the day, I have accomplished much more than I thought. I’m tired and overwhelmed with people and situations.

  2. Caleb Suko

    I find that if I’m not intentional about it I will not find joy in the doing but rather keep waiting for joy to be found in the finishing of something. I have to remind myself that the process is important and God wants me to experience joy in getting there.

    1. Eileen Post author

      I agree, Caleb. I need to be intentional and keep my eyes open to the present in order to recognize it.


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