When Hills Become Gifts


When I go out for a run I tend to switch off between running around my neighborhood and running flatter terrain a few miles down the road.  It all depends on whether I’m in the mood to get in my car first and drive to a location or if I just want to open my front door and start running.  It also depends on whether I want to face lots of hills or if I’d prefer a little less of a challenge. It’s nice to have these options.  It’s also nice that the choice is completely up to me.

Running the hills in my neighborhood have taken some getting used to. Because of training and practice, I have much more endurance running up them now than I did when we first moved here last year.

This weekend I ran in the Chickamauga Chase.  I had run a portion of this 15K course before on several occasions but there was one section I had not yet ventured down.  Prior to the race, I was informed by a few running friends that I would face a few hills.

On race day, I was delighted when I reached those particular hills and discovered that in comparison to my neighborhood HILLS these hills were just little hiccups in the road.  I breezed right over them!

As I ran up the wannabe hills, I couldn’t help but think about how bumpy seasons in our life can prepare us the same way.

How we perceive and conquer a current challenge often depends on the intensity of the challenges we’ve faced in the past.

I like that we can look back on God’s faithfulness when hills appear on the path in front of us.  We can look back and use that to gauge the bumps on the present road.

If God was able to help me through that, then He can surely help me through this.  

The Gift of Remembering

Looking back at how the Lord has brought us through rough times becomes a gift we can carry along with us on the journey.

When the road becomes rough we unwrap this gift and hold it close to our heart. You can’t see it, but you can certainly feel it.  It comforts us and gives us peace. It encourages us to keep going. It gives us hope that this to will pass and the road will level out again.

I’m not sure what hills you might be facing this week, but let me encourage you to remember the hills you’ve journeyed over in the past.  You made it over them.  You know how I know?Because you’re still in the race, friend!  You’re still running.  With His help, you will reach the top of this one too.  Keep going.


4 thoughts on “When Hills Become Gifts

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    Great analogy and comparison Eileen. I was that way cycling. I rode for almost 20 years on flat terrain. When I moved here I was in a for a real “treat” (surprise). Hills everywhere. But I have become a better and stronger cyclist as a result.

  2. David Rupert

    I think that’s why we train — we condition ourselves so adversity isn’t that big of a deal when it comes our way. Paul “Buffeted” his body — and his mind, soul, and heart — so he would be prepared.

    1. Eileen Post author

      So true, one of the beautiful benefits of the whole redemption cycle. Nothing is wasted!


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